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Support Group

Supporting the needs of active duty military and Veterans, RCMP, and other first responders who have experienced sexual trauma.



What can I expect at STSG Group?

No trauma disclosure. This is NOT a group where you will ever discuss your specific experiences or trauma (this could be triggering for you and/or others).

Connecting and learning. This IS however, a group where you will learn coping tools and skills to help you improve your daily life, appreciate your self-worth, and learn emotional regulation.

People living with PTSD often experience flashbacks, intense emotions, anger, distrust of people, agoraphobia (staying in their home and avoiding humans), sleep issues, and relationship problems. We are here to help with these and other life challenges.


What about confidentiality?

By registering for this group, participants agree not to share anything from the sessions outside of the group; this includes names of attendees or anything shared.


Your safety matters…

You will be asked for your home address and phone number for our records, this information is not shared. We keep it on file for liability reasons and in instances where participants reach out in a crisis. This gives us the ability to send help if required - panic attacks, on-site support, etc. - life things could happen to any of us at any time.


Emotional safety is a thing too…

This is a safe space for all participants. There will be no making anyone ‘wrong’ and no personal attacks will be tolerated. Respect, kindness, empathy, and humanity will be required of all attendees.


What do I need to participate?

If you intend to participate in the group on a regular basis, Now Feel Good will mail you a PTSD manual which many people find helpful to alleviate some of their suffering - it’s like having your own personal therapist that you can visit at your leisure. Sometimes we refer to the manual in session, but never so in-depth that you cannot attend without the manual. And if we do, we will share .pdf copies of the pages with the group.


Upcoming dates for 2021…

May 3, 17  •  June 7, 21  •  July 5, 19  •  August 2, 16  •  September 6, 20 

October 4, 18  •  November 1, 15  •  December 6, 20

Start times

Zoom video opens up at about 6:10pm.

Session officially begins at 6:30pm and ends at 8:30pm (Alberta time, or MST)


How can I participate?

Currently, we are meeting via Zoom video. Once COVID restrictions lift we will have the option of meeting in Calgary face-to-face, in addition to running the sessions via Zoom video for people who cannot attend in person or prefer the comfort and convenience of attending in their own home.


What can I expect during a session?

Introductions by facilitators Matthew and John (who we are, what we do, why we do it).


Brief introductions by attendees. Name, where you are from, type of work you do – whatever you are comfortable with – you are also FREE to pass. You are also 100% free to leave your video off if you feel more comfortable. You are also 100% free to just observe in your first session.


Group expectation review:

  • no cross talk,

  • no making anyone ‘wrong’ (we all experience life via our own lens and beliefs, so allow others their reality).

  • safety (free to pass, free to leave if needed),

  • know we will NOT talk about specifics of assaults or traumas,

  • know we WILL talk about ways to cope/ground ourselves in the safety of the present moment.


Individual SUCCESSES of late…

Individual CHALLENGES of late…


Specific topic for the session, for example:

  • psychoeducational (what ‘is’ PTSD, how does it affect us, how can we cope, best practices to address it)

  • anger management

  • triggers – what causes them, how to manage them

  • effective communication in relationships (partners, spouses, children)

  • emotional regulation skills and tools


Group discussion on the topic:

  • How do you personally cope, what successes have you had with this topic?

  • Facilitators add in their experiences and expertise and offer additional tools and skills.


Closing round-up:

Your #1 take away from this session, if anything?

What is the cost?

Nothing, this is 100% free to you and is financially supported by our sponsors.

How do I register?

To register simply call, text, or email Matthew Miller (MSW/RSW) or complete the registration form below.

Mobile: (587) 220-1384  •  Email:

For the privacy of all attendees, participants must have an introductory phone call with Matthew. It will take 5-10 minutes for introductions and an overview of the expectations for yourself as an attendee – and also what you can expect of Matthew and from the group sessions.

Welcome to the Sexual Trauma
Support Group (STSG)


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