​Be Heard. Be Seen. Be Known.
​you are worthy.



Safe Conversations with ZEro Judgment.

Counselling & Therapy

We will always have safe conversations with zero judgment. The safer you feel the more you will share, and the more you share the more I will be able to see a clear picture of you. This (being heard, seen, and known) is sometimes uncomfortable for people who see themselves as broken, defective, unworthy, or full of shame or guilt. Yet it is healing and healthy to be validated and understood.

You will better understand yourself, your situation, and the others involved. I help you create your plan to make things better. You will implement new (or forgotten) skills and strategies to make positive changes.

I believe in you and in your ability to change things (even if you can't believe it, or don't currently see how things can possibly change).  

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Better understand yourself and your situation to create effective strategies.

Counselling deals with what you need today, in the present moment.

Therapy gives insights into your life choices, and patterns - the 'why' behind why you do what you do.

I blend the two approaches by helping with today's challenges, while you develop greater self-awareness to make healthier decisions.