I offer a free, brief (up to 30 minutes), initial meeting by phone as an introduction and opportunity to discuss the issues that are prompting you to seek counselling.

Telephone: (587) 220-1384

E-mail: Matthew@NowFeelGood.com

As a father of four and former foster parent to 92 children, I understand first hand, many of the challenges families face and have a genuine passion for helping others. 

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Matthew Miller

With over a decade of experience as a social worker, counsellor, and therapist, I have worked with 100's of individuals and couples with mental health and relationship concerns. I have also taught and presented to 1,000's of students and teachers regarding anxiety and coping skills via speaking engagements.

Outside my work with individuals and families, I facilitate groups for anxiety, depression, effective communication, and strengthening relationships. I teach programs in prisons and addiction recovery centres, helping fathers to become 'great dads' by reconnecting to their families in a healthier and safer way than ever before. I help them to become "Calm, Compassionate, Curious, Detectives" in the lives of their children, spouse, ex's, and everyone, but most especially: themselves.

In addition to a Masters degree in Social Work (MSW) and being a Registered Social Worker (RSW), I hold a Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurial Management (a degree in how to be bossy).

Calgary, Alberta, Canada


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